Are You Using a Gut Protector System as Your Business GPS?

Lessons From London #3- What’s your GPS?

While in London over New Year’s, I didn’t want to use data and therefore wasn’t using GPS. This led to needing to ask for directions to find a restaurant. When was the last time you asked for directions? Will our children even know what that is? We have become so reliant on GPS to get us places that I think our innate sense of direction and finding our way places has gone dormant. Is this happening to you in your business?

Who or what is setting your Global Position? Are you setting the direction for your team or your company or is something else?

I talk a lot with my clients about “gut reactions” because our “gut” is what is reading the subconscious behavior and signals of someone else. Our gut is just as subconscious to us as the non-verbal behavior we are reading which is very frustrating! However, when you learn to interpret the signals of others, you can translate what your gut is telling you and use it the right way. You may be using a Gut Protector System instead of a Gut Proactive System!

What do I mean? If you have a Gut Protector System in place you probably:

  1. take all of your “gut” feelings as warnings and stay small with your business or safe with your team
  2. follow what everyone else is doing because it must be working for them
  3. ignore all gut feelings and flail around trying bits of this and that with little or no focus or plan

Gut reactions are not always negative! Learn to interpret what your gut is telling you and develop a Gut Proactive System! This will make you more comfortable with taking risks in your business which are aligned with you and your goals and not someone else’s! If you are a leader in a corporation, a Gut Proactive System clears communication with your team and helps you stand out as a leader.

To nurture a Gut Proactive System:

  1. Know and understand your decision-making process because this is what is activating your gut reactions. (Basically our brain is wired a certain way and when our gut “goes off” something in your environment like an e-mail or a conversation either coincided with that wiring or challenged that wiring.)
  2. Learn to gain perspective on whether your gut signal is a positive or negative message. Evaluate it. Ask yourself if you are feeling drawn toward/positive, or propelled away/negative. Ask yourself why you are having this reaction. Is it fear of the unknown, lack of understanding, old mindsets cropping up…?
  3. Transform the message into the right kind of action to propel your business! Maybe despite your fears and mindsets, you need to stretch to less known territory. Maybe you need to have a difficult conversation with an employee.
  4. Find a good mentor or hire a coach to aid you in understanding how your brain works and how you are interpreting your gut messages.