What Is Keeping You Stuck And Holding You Back?

Ever feel stuck by being out of your comfort zone? I sure am experiencing that right now!

Confession- I hate asking for things and even asking others to do things. This may not seem like me, but believe me, I am usually a committee of one because delegating and “group work” is not my thing! So how do I get out of this because I really need my network to come out and support my theater company?!  On the surface, this shouldn’t be difficult because my theater company is my absolute passion and why I work so hard at my business to afford me the luxury of this passion in my life.

So why can’t I ask for donations or people to buy a benefit ticket? I believe in the cause and that the money is not going to be wasted. I’ve put on benefits in the past, so it’s not like I don’t know how to do this…

It is in my Decision-Making Profile! My interaction style is to err on the side of being private and doing everything myself which makes it VERY difficult and actually painful in my core to ask others for assistance. I can’t beat myself up because I know this is the way I am at my core. So what do I do? What would I tell someone else to do?

  1. Be kind to yourself. This is not something you can easily change.
  2. Be honest with others that this is extremely challenging for you (like I am doing here in this blog).
  3. Ask for assistance. This is a time to rely on your tribe to help you spread the word.

So tribe- please know that I wouldn’t ask you for a tax deductible donation unless the theatre really needed it! Funding is scarce and who knows what will happen to arts funding in the future. We have to come up with another model and I have ideas for this, but I need Reckless Ensemble Theatre to lead the way with a new model. So therefore, there is nothing to do but ask you!

Our benefit event is May 19th in Chicago at the Shapiro Ballroom. It will be a great event with food, drinks and a sneak peak performance by Reckless. If you are unable to attend, please consider a donation. The event link has donation options.

So while I try to be kind to myself for cringing at every word, please share this wonderful event with others. The arts will not survive without public support. I know there are many causes out there. This is the first step toward our huge dreams for Reckless and the future of physical theater in Chicago!

What might be holding YOU back from communicating your dreams to others? Everyone is slowed or stuck for different reasons. Your Decision-Making Profile could show you why and where the hiccups are! Stop wondering and find out! Call me today! 630-234-1392