Is Maycember affecting your business efficiency?

Is Maycember affecting your business efficiency? The term Maycember was coined by the the Holderness family—social media star parents who have turned family life into great song and video parodies. Check out their Maycember medley.

Maycember has crept into our businesses too. Is Maycember affecting your business efficiency? How many events are you cramming into this last month of school because if feels like summer brings a huge slow down to our productivity much like the winter holidays?

Maycember might be a wash at this point, but save your summer! When casual dress codes and warm temperatures hit, do you feel like you are spinning your wheels because too many people are on vacation or no one seems to want to start new initiatives until fall? Psychologically we are geared to ramp up in fall and fall off in summer due to our school calendars (those of you with year round school- how does it work for you?) Business owners may say they don’t relax in the summer, but I’ll bet the numbers often say otherwise.

How do we battle this?

Rather than fight the tide, why don’t we ride the wave and become more efficient? Take this summer to implement efficiencies in your business and stop the negative effects of Maycember affecting your business efficiency. Have your managers work on these three things:

1. Fix meetings!

Take the opportunity to see who is really necessary at your meetings. When there are fewer present, can you get more done? Maybe many of the “courtesy” invites (or whatever you call them) can be eliminated by fall. Is there a summary format you can adopt to keep those people in the know but out of the meeting physically? (After all, don’t they usually just add comments which waste your time? They feel obligated to speak because they were invited, while they secretly resent having to spend their time in YOUR meeting.)

Set a timekeeper and stick to your agenda. Give someone the power to shut down unnecessary sidelines and off topic discussion. At the onset of the meeting, communicate to everyone the goal of making it through the agenda. Tell them outright they will be cut off and not to take it personally.

2. Efficient texting.

Most of us have gone to texting or some other sort of quick messaging like “pinging” in the company system. Make the most of your short messages. Read how here.

3. Better employee reviews

If summer is when you give employee reviews, make sure you are speaking in a way the candidate will really take in and absorb criticism. You can also tailor motivation for new goals. You need to understand your employees based on their decision-making style. It is easier than you think. Why? You can see their decision making preferences in their body language! Cool, right? To learn the skill and Read the Room, check out this on-line course.

Managers who use the summer to their advantage will find themselves looking at promotions by the time the leaves fall! The best way to stand out is by clarifying communication to where others feel supported and heard. How will you know it is working? You’ll find you aren’t repeating yourself, can stop doing work over and have more time!

Leave me comments and tell me about your Maycember and summer efficiency plans! Contact us for a free consult to get you started.