Causes for Business Communciation

Are you using your favorite cause to communicate about your business? Being involved in a charity is not only personally rewarding, but it can bring you more clients! Everything you do and every logo placement is business communication!

We can get into rut saying the same pitch about our products and services. Coffee meetings can become dull or worse, dreaded! If you don’t usually share your volunteer work with potential clients or other business owners, try adding it to some of your first meetings as part of your business communication and see what happens! Your prospect may share a similar experience, or at the very least, they will know you share your time and talents which is an added benefit of why they should work with you. For example, think of how many band parents, sports parents or 5K runners for causes are out there in the world! Any added connection is a good one!

​Other ideas:

  • Place an ad in the sports program or sponsor a baseball team. Think of how many people see it who are in your community. Often that is a better bang for your advertising buck. For instance, my son’s baseball team one year was sponsored by a local band. Every time someone asked, “What is ‘North of Eight'” The dad (who was in the band) could speak up and tell them about the cover band.
  • Need a companion for a charity dinner or event? Take a fellow business owner! Better yet, buy a table for a group of colleagues to go and make it a party! You will be remembered for your generosity and have a tax deduction too!
  • Sponsor an event. You will have the advantage of signage at the event and in the program. Plus, you probably receive a couple of free tickets to give to other business owners.

Don’t forget the added bonus of improved body language! When you share something you care about, believe in, or have a passion for, the excitement will come through your body. Your business communication will be more authentic, genuine and animated because you are shaking yourself out of “business mode.” We like, know and trust authentic movement. (Check out my blog on spotting inauthentic movement.)

Get out there and be passionate for your causes! The great energy out in the world will come back as profits in your business!