Acting Like a CEO

Are you the founder or CEO of your company? If not, would you like to fast-track your rise to a C-suite level position? ACT LIKE ONE!

This may sound harsh, but are you presenting yourself in a way that is leadership material? How do you know?

  1. Others are drawn to leaders.Do people seek you out for advice? How many people approach you at group meetings?
  2. Leaders have a “sound.” Is your voice resonant, grounded and supported? Do you speak clearly and concisely? How many “likes,” “ums” and “you knows” pepper your speech?
  3. Leaders move less. The higher up the corporate chain, the less movement is usually involved. The more confident a person is, the less they tend to move (gesture, pace, fidget). Even on a larger scale of company movement- managers go TO the CEO for meetings; and papers are prepared and brought TO the leader.

How do you start acting like a CEO?

  1. Get your baseline. Record yourself speaking when on the phone or hand off your phone at a meeting and ask someone to record you to see what you actually do versus what you think you do! Ask your colleagues for their honest feedback of what you do well and where you can improve. Need a list of questions to ask? Download this question list.
  2. Observe for what you want. Pick out someone you think has great executive presence and see what they do that you don’t do. Think of this as your presence mentor! If you need help learning how to observe others, download my “Listen With Your Eyes”Workbook for observation.
  3. Practice what this mentor does that you don’t. If there are multiple things, choose ONE at a time to practice.
  4. Notice what is working or not. Celebrate your wins. It will take time.
  5. Hire an executive presence coach to guide you if doing it on your own is proving difficult!

Alison Henderson is a communication specialist and the founder of Moving Image Consulting. She wants to take you to the next level whether you are in sales or leadership!