True To You is the perfect program for you if…

  • You desire greater influence to inspire others to action every time you speak.
  • You want to read the body language signals of others to respond more powerfully in the moment.
  • You know you are ready to stand out as an authentic voice with no need to emulate others.
  • You are covering, twisting or camouflaging your communication style from reading books and blogs; taking communication courses; and listening to colleagues’ well-intentioned advice and opinions.
  • You realize something in your physical presence on stage or virtually is holding you back from your full potential.
  • You want to maximize time by working smarter and unlocking your most powerful and natural persuasion style.
  • You are tired of quick fix, mini trainings which provide little information and don’t last long term.
  • You seek a safe group of like-minded individuals who will support your communication transformation.

True to You brings powerful results:

  • Have the confidence to speak powerfully in all situations.
  • Be a rock star communicator whether virtually or in person.
  • Learn body language tactics to captivate and command any room with power and truthfulness.
  • Know how to read the body language of others to communicate with more influence.
  • Own your personal style without needing to emulate others.
  • Put your brain’s subconscious saboteurs to rest.
  • Surpass your goals faster than you imagined.

How does it work?

Participants work as a cohort and individually for 6 months (January-June)

  • Group coaching call every month to learn body language observation
  • Solo coaching with Alison once a month for application to personal goals
  • On-line training modules between calls
  • Bonus calls as needed
  • See complete course content list below



Why does Alison care so much about communication?

You deserve to communicate authentically with both your voice AND body! I spent years early in my career trying to be what I thought businesses wanted me to be. I tried to be more “corporate.” I took bad advice (and spent a ton of money) working with marketing and sales “gurus,” but nothing worked. I wasn’t being ME. I am energetic, honest in my feedback, and a little goofy. You can’t find a photo of me speaking or training live where my facial expression looks “normal!”

I finally came to my senses and took back my business. When I embraced my authentic communication style (goofiness and all), I was more effective with clients and enjoyed working so much more. During the pandemic, I made more revenue than any other year of my business—even with pivoting to a virtual model and helping leaders command their virtual screens.

This is why “True to You” was created. I believe everyone can embrace who they are without a huge set of body language rules which pepper the internet. Rules take you out of communication and into your head. The magic of communication occurs between people. By discovering your true communication style, you can honor who you are, be present with your clients and colleagues, and have the ability to observe others to speak to them in ways they are most open to hear.

You need a body language interpreter to understand the signals you send to others as well as the signals you receive. My mission is to teach this other language- body language- in a way that is accessible and transformative. There is no reason to leave your communication up to “your gut.” Business decisions, your confidence and your overall happiness are too important.

I walk my talk every day of my business. I am a speaker, presenter, trainer, and industry leader- just like you. I use video, live social media, guest appearances and am a subject matter expert for business partnerships- just like you.

Here is what people are saying:

“Women cannot overlook the importance of nonverbal behavior in business relationship.  Alison’s instruction on this piece is timely and provides doable methods to incorporate into your behavior. Alison takes great care to learn as much as possible about her clients and meets them where they are on their nonverbal behavior journey.”

C. Heggie, Attorney 

“LOVED your program. I learned so much. I taught sales training for years. I knew mirroring worked but didn’t know the science behind it. I taught it, I did it and I even learned more. So many great ideas.”

A. Dale

“Alison shared valuable insights, spoke with incredible energy and enthusiasm, and engaged her audience.  Ms. Henderson brings a unique and worthwhile perspective that helps us be our professional best.”

L. Gard, Ph.D.   

Work on your presentation skills BEFORE the media calls or the big speaking gig!

The Full Course Includes:

  • 1 onboarding call
  • 1 Private body language assessment prior to the start of True to You ($1,000 value)
  • 6 group calls ($900 value)
  • 6 private sessions ($3,000 value)
  • 4 Bonus calls ($600 value)
  • Access to all on-line content and video examples ($1,500 value)
  • Unlimited observation practice videos
  • Assessment of up to 45 minutes of video/speaking content ($750 value)
  • All Training Materials
  • Networking with other high-profile leaders
  • Post-course personalized action plan
  • Investment – $6000 – pay in full or 3 payments of $2300 each

LIMITED TO 10 PARTICIPANTS (rolling enrollment)