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Advanced Body Language for Success

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Improve your executive presence and communication skills to lead your team by example. Have the body language tools to bring everyone to your vision.

Topics covered:

  • Shoulder Shifts- read others (even in teleconference calls).
  • Generation Gap- how generational differences impact behavior.
  • Discomfort or Deception?- when to dig deeper.
  • Gender differences- how to be a powerful leader and minimize gender bias.
  • Collaboration signals- how to remain collaborative and trustworthy even when the conversations are difficult.


Learn body language cues to take charge of how you are perceived. Be a more confident and visionary sales team. Understand what your potential client is trying to tell you without words.

Topics covered:

  • Confident networking and business development- build your book of business in half the time!
  • Own your sales meetings- strategies to remain in control and confident throughout.
  • Spot signals of discomfort or deception before they derail your opportunity.
  • Double your close rate- recognize signals of when they are ready to close the deal.

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Comments from Clients

Excellent Presentation!

“Excellent presentation on an interesting and useful topic. The time flew by, which reflects well on Ms. Henderson.”

Wyoming Bar Association

Simple to Follow!

“Alison’s presentation was clear and concise, which made it very simple to follow with her hands-on approach to communicating and working with others. I would recommend this presentation to all businesses who strive to reach their clients on a more personal level.”

Northwestern Mutual

Valuable Information!

“The presentation was well received and even the most senior partners learned valuable information from her presentation that enhanced their networking style. Alison is very professional, and her engaging personality was delightful.”

Handler Thayer, LLP

Great Communicator!

“Alison is a great speaker and communicator.  I know your group will come away with insights to help improve sales, marketing strategies and in general communications skills that contribute to the bottom line.”

Cayman Islands Department of Tourism

Some of our Clients