What does your body language say about you?

A consultant to top corporations, body language expert Alison Henderson shows how confident body language gains trust, empowers leadership and increases business.

We’ve all been there – standing at a conference networking event holding our drink feeling awkward and alone while others have loads of people talking to them and laughing as the life of the party. Why do some people attract connections effortlessly and others struggle? Nonverbal signals either attract others or send them away. Do you know the difference?

Author, speaker, entrepreneur, and body language expert Alison Henderson is on a mission to make people conscious of their subconscious movements. “It still surprises me how most of us don’t train to use the 70% of communication which is nonverbal to our advantage! Good rapport, executive leadership and sales isn’t simply a talent for a chosen few. We can all be more confident and collaborative,” says Henderson.

Alison is the creator of Listening With Your Eyes, an observation based consulting program to learn the body language signals you send to others and how to read the signals others send to you. By understanding how you are perceived and changing your verbal and nonverbal communication based on what you observe, teams are more efficient, sales are more natural and public speaking looks effortless.

As one of only twenty-two Certified Movement Pattern Analysts in the world, Alison combines her unique specialty with an engaging, energetic style which brings clients back and keeps them motivated to their success. From the TedX stage to conferences to virtual meetings, Alison is a sought-after speaker.

With a Master’s Degree in Theater Directing, Alison is unusually gifted at bringing groups together around common purpose very quickly. She was intrigued to see more drama in the offices she worked in than on her rehearsal stage. This prompted her to write, Reducing the Drama in Business Relationships: Why People Act the Way They Do. This book lays out the decision-making process and how our preferences create conflict and friction at work. This miscommunication due to thought process quickly becomes personal and unproductive.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Alison spoke to many teachers who complained they were not prepared for how to take their personality online. Technology alone was not enough, and no teacher was taught body language for the screen. Closing the Distance in Distance Learning: A Teacher’s Guide to Online and Mask Communication was written to provide educators with the resource they needed to create community and relationships with their students.

Alison’s energetic talks with live body language demonstration keep audiences engaged and inspired.

Favorite topics include:

  • Brady Bunch Body Language- Virtual meeting success
  • How to Win Money and Influence People – Business Body Language
  • Beyond Pant Suits and Power Poses – Successful Body Language for Women
  • Being Human while using AI for business
“Better Body Language is something which can be learned very quickly. We take our eyes with us everywhere we go- meaning we can practice our skills every day! Simply observe others. The information is all around us in every communication we have with another person.”

Watch Alison in action or on You Tube.

Interview Questions

  1. As a consultant to many industries, what is the number one change most people should make to their body language no matter the field?
  2. You say you are on a mission to have body language included in more training. Why do you think it isn’t in more corporate training or university courses?
  3. You often mention feeling confident as a leader. How does body language increase confidence?
  4. In your book, Closing the Distance in Distance Learning, you spend a few chapters on how teachers can read their students’ body language. How does this help a teacher?
  5. What is “Listening With Your Eyes” and how does it work?
  6. In your book, Reducing the Drama in Business Relationships, you describe three types of decision-makers, the Researcher, the Judge, and the Action Hero. Describe each and how we can use this information to further our business?
  7. Your TedX talk is on virtual communication. What are some of the main body language differences between in person and through the computer screen?
  8. Shoulder body language is something you teach. What is the easiest way to improve our shoulder body language signals?
  9. Matching verbal to nonverbal communication is the focus of your advanced coaching. Why is this so important for executives?
  10. You are one of 22 Movement Pattern Analysts in the world! What is Movement Pattern Analysis and how is it different from other body language study?

Story Ideas


Brady Bunch Body Language– Executive presence through the screen is a must. All the squares are the same and managers struggle to lead effective online meetings. By learning the body language of shoulder persuasion, you can come out ahead of the game and lead your team to work from home success!


Love at first move? Learn the signs of a love connection. How do you know what your gut reaction means? Look a their body language! The difference between a player and a lover is all in their moves.


Teamwork NOT Dreamwork? If your team acts more like teenagers than team builders, it’s time to improve your communication and understand the dynamics each person brings to the team.


Presentation Pleasers- Did you know most people only reach 33% of their audience with their normal communication patterns? Expand your body language repertoire and have your audience following your every word!