Are You a Narcissist?

Of course you don’t think you are a narcissist!

Why would I even ask it? How rude!

Well, I’m here to tell you there is a nonverbal signal which is perceived as narcissistic. If you happen to do this, you come across as self-important and self-centered.

The signal is popping off the heels. Think of the child raising their arm and popping off their seat eager to show teacher they know the answer. “Oo, Oo- pick me!”

If you don’t think you are better than others, you still may give this signal.

It may come from nerves, or it may sneak out from building yourself up and trying to have a “good mindset.” There is a push in business currently which is a “you can do it” attitude. Unfortunately, this pumping ourselves up can create this monster of a nonverbal signal.

Check out the demonstration:

Is there something to do about this? STOP!

I’m usually not this firm, but popping is simply something you shouldn’t do. Don’t believe me? Check out this Forbes article, “7 Things Only Narcissists Do in Business.”

The article packs a punch. “They don’t care what type of pain they inflict on others. They tend be unsupportive and manipulative, but they can fake empathy when it will help them look better. But, they lack a genuine desire to put anyone else’s needs above their own desires.” I don’t think anyone would want others to label them as a narcissist.

You can ask your colleagues if you have this narcissistic habit. However, because of its extremely negative connotation, others may be reticent to tell you or they may be afraid of your reaction.

Moving Image Consulting is not afraid to let you know!

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