It is time to open our eyes!

Now more than ever, it is time to open our eyes and observe our surroundings. Think about how our world would be improved if we could “Listen With Our Eyes.” No fancy equipment needed. We take our eyes everywhere we go and can practice observing in every situation. The saying is God gave us two ears and one mouth. How about two ears, two eyes and one mouth? Double our ability to listen by using our eyes to take in all the nonverbal signals we see.

The signs are everywhere. Take the time to observe a baseline of behavior from those around you so you can notice when something is different. After tragedy strikes or harassment is reported, we think back and realize there were warning signs.

I am so passionate about “Listening With Your Eyes,” I recorded a bit of a rant. Take a look and please comment and share. This one the world needs to see!

Moral of the story: If you see something, say something! This phrase is not only for suspicious packages. It is for the coworker who suddenly goes silent or stiff when a manager or certain client comes in the room. It is for the teenager who becomes withdrawn or suddenly outspoken. Anything out of character should spark a conversation. It is time to stop being so polite or afraid to show caring or concern!

Let’s train our teachers, managers, police force and students to observe others and what the signals mean.

It is my mission to get the world to open its eyes. Who’s with me? #eyesopen

And if you want that free workbook, the e-mail again is!