A New Take on Authenticity

I often mention “authenticity” in my presentations and training. I firmly believe authentic nonverbal behavior is the best way to lead, be hired, make a sale or win a verdict. Authenticity has become a bit of a buzz word- especially in leadership. There are many articles written. At Moving Image Consulting, our work falls under the heading, “Authentic leaders are self-aware and genuine” from the Forbes article, “What is Leadership?”

To be perceived as genuine- be an authentic mover!

Being perceived as genuine will come from authentic movement– which is a consistent pattern over time. As a Movement Pattern Analyst, I look for the patterns in an executive’s nonverbal behavior to uncover their leadership style and how they are perceived by others. You can’t control how other people are going to perceive you. Strive for consistency in your behavior in all your meetings and presentations. Others will trust you when you “look like you” whether you are in a board meeting, the daily update meeting or the yearly state-of-the-company address.

You may have heard the saying, “it’s not what you say, but how you say it.” When I use this phrase, the “how you say it” includes the physical gestures and postures when speaking. Your audience takes in your behavior in addition to the words you say and the tone you use. As a consultant, I work with executives to match their body language signals to the words they say as truthfully and transparently as possible. Masking the truth or using common euphemisms for bad news like “downsizing,” “changing initiatives” and other common jargon, will create mismatched body language signals and your colleagues will see through your smoke screen. The body does not lie. Nonverbal behavior gives you away if you don’t believe what you are saying or if you are stretching or masking the truth.

Truthfulness equals trust and is a must for leaders! How do you gain trust?

Consistency in words matching action builds trust. According to Melissa Lamson, “Leaders who inspire trust will help pull us out of this slump by demonstrating self-awareness, honesty, and courage; by building honest relationships based on their real values. And, by listening. To themselves, and to the people with whom they work and socialize.”

Working with a Movement Pattern Analyst on your authenticity as a leader develops a greater ability to listen. Once clients understand their nonverbal patterns and leadership style, we work on listening and understanding the nonverbal signals you receive from others. Understanding what others tell you with their behavior is what takes you from a satisfactory leader to a great one!

Clients are ready to understand others when they have achieved consistency in their movement pattern across different types of meetings, presentations and business relationships. When clients need to modify behavior for increased success, we stick with their own consistent patterns from which to modify. If we don’t, the leader will look inconsistent. Their behavior sends up red flags to their employees and they lose the trust they have gained.

When you are ready to grow your leadership skills from a place of authenticity and trust, call Moving Image Consulting for an assessment and development plan. www.movingimageconsulting.com