Why do we assume a summer slump?

Why do we assume a summer slump?

How many times have you heard people mention a summer slump? Why does this have to be the accepted fate of our businesses?

Make this the year of the summer rocket! Invest in your people, business development and training to make this the best summer ever. You will raise morale and revenue.

Take these ideas and make them work for your business:

Provide in-house training:

Summer can be a GREAT time to train staff if their calendars are less full and they are more able to focus on learning a new skill, software or for team building and leadership. Treat them to someone live rather than a webinar! There will be more engagement, learning and it can also be entertaining (with the right person!) Moving Image Consulting has short lunch and learns all the way to full day training available to train your staff to communicate on a new level with clients, colleagues and potential customers.

To get you started on training and preventing the summer slump, Moving Image has created a Summer Field Trip Observation Challenge! There is one video a week with an assignment of body language to observe. Take a look at the first one!

Set up a Challenge:

Gather your team together and discuss your goals for the summer and create an achievable challenge to inspire the team during the summer. Celebrate small goals along the way with inexpensive rewards like ice cream, short massages or an impromptu office picnic. Decide on a larger reward in September for when you reach the goal.

Do Good Works:

Motivation can come in many forms. Tie some summer goals to philanthropy which is good for the company press release and company morale. What cause can everyone rally behind? Do you sign up for a fall 5K and bring in a trainer? Collect items for veterans, the homeless or school backpack drives? Does the office take a day to volunteer? Summer is when many other companies may forego their philanthropy because of their own summer slump. Use it to battle yours instead.

Host Networking Events:

Bring your clients and teams together for networking. Invite everyone to bring someone to the event and you build your network. Choose a free movie or concert in the park and provide the food and drink. The event doesn’t have to be extravagant or costly to be effective.

Remember to join Moving Image for the Summer Field Trip Training Challenge! There is a new destination each week!

If you want a printable Summer Field Trip Observation Journal, put your e-mail in the comments and we will send you one!