Avoid these 7 Virtual Meeting Set Up Fails

Clients and colleagues expect your virtual meeting set up to be perfect now that we have been virtual for many months. Avoid these 7 virtual meeting set up fails to make sure your on screen presence isn’t suffering. Do a check. Do you look like one of these in your virtual meetings? Does someone on your team?

Lighting is one of the simplest fixes to make for your virtual presence.

If you have been wondering why you aren’t being listened to or can’t seem to persuade others like you do in person, something is getting in the way of your communication and it’s time to do a Zoom check.

7 Virtual Meeting Set Up Fails

  1. The Wilson– Others only see your eyes and forehead like Wilson from behind the fence on the TV show Home Improvement. You come across as hiding something. This also seems to occur more often when you are joining the call from a cell phone, which will make people wonder where you are or if you are doing something else on your laptop during the meeting.
Are you a Wilson on zoom meetings? Show more than just your eyes.
The Wilson

2. The Facial– Sitting so close to the screen we can see your pores. Coming close to the screen should be used for emphasis but nothing else. No one likes to feel like someone is “in their face.” Your facial expressions will be exaggerated in usually a detrimental way.

Are you too close to the screen in meetings? We don't want to see your pores!
The Facial

3. The Selfie– The camera is too high and you have to look up to connect. Where’s your BFF? When the camera is too high, you appear diminished and small. It is difficult to take the lead when you look small and shy.

Looking up to see people on Zoom? Fix  your camera.
The Selfie

4. The Turkey neck– The opposite of too high. This fail is where the camera is angled up and we see too much neck and up your nose. If you have to look down to connect with others through the camera, you can appear to be looking down your nose at others in a narcissistic way. (And no one wants to see if your nose hairs need a trim!)

Avoid the turkey neck on zoom calls.
The Turkey Neck

5. Witness protection– Sitting in the dark so we can’t see your face is something the high school kids do when they roll out of bed the minute before class. This look can also happen when a bright light is behind you, casting your face in dark shadow. Being too dark can be perceived as disrespect for the others on the call. Find a light or move to another room.

Don't be too dark on virtual calls. Turn on the light.
Witness Protection

6. Interrogation– If a bright light washes you out or makes you squint, this is problem. While it isn’t as awful as too dark, it can be just as distracting to others. Using a ring light? If you also wear glasses, be aware the light may be reflecting in your glasses and obstructing others looking you in the eye.

Too bright? Are you squinting on virtual calls?

7. The Black Hole– No camera on at all. If you are just a name in a black box, while everyone has their cameras on, you can come across as thinking you are somehow better than everyone else. If the expectation is to be seen, only turn off the camera for small interruptions or other emergencies.

Not turning your camera on? Stop hiding!
The Black Hole

Not sure how you are seen on Zoom?

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