Use Pressure for Reaching Your Goals- trust me!

Goal setting. Done!

The vision board or “I will…” list is up and in your face every day.

Now to reach these goals…not so easy. If we have to make something a goal, we probably don’t really like to do it or don’t feel confident to do it. Is it any wonder we don’t keep our resolutions? Since it seems like we can’t stop setting goals, this post is a about persistence to accomplish said goals. Ready?


Pressure signals your brain to stick with it!

Not deadline pressure or “do it or else” pressure, but physical pressure!

The use of pressure (i.e. pressing against something for resistance) is a signal to your brain of determination. Use pressure to literally rewire your brain into thinking you can get it done.

Watch this video:

To recap:

1.     Create a simple mantra you can believe in surrounding your goal. “I have the skills to do this project.” “I am ready to make this presentation.” Avoid affirmations you don’t believe like “I’m the best speaker/salesperson/networker, etc. ever!” The negative voices in your head will go to town on an affirmation you don’t believe, making it worthless.

2.     Repeat the simple mantra while you exert pressure. Against a wall, on your desk, back of a chair or even two hands pressed together. Do this before you engage in the sales call or walk into a difficult meeting to remind your brain “you’ve got this goal covered.”

This is a great way to add to your exercise routine. While you are stretching, lifting weights or pressing/pulling on the machines, be mindful of the pressure you are using. Say your mantras in your head and make your workout change your body and your brain! The body-brain connection is so powerful. We should use it more than we do.

  Want more tips on affecting your brain for goal setting? Watch this webinar replay.

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