Pivot for Purpose and Prosperity in 2018

Don’t be afraid to pivot in your business.

When dancing, a pivot is taking a step forward and then changing direction with both feet on the ground. The move can be quick without losing balance or control. This image is effective for business. Pivots in your business which are rooted and grounded in current skills and client base can be extremely successful. (Think of a restaurant which pivots to add a light menu or gluten free items to serve its health conscious customers.)

Moving Image has been involved in a successful pivot this last quarter. It is grounded in the foundation of everything built to this point. Business leaders are warned of leaping after shiny objects or changing on a whim. Moving Image’s pivot is all about fitting a need in the marketplace and being the right company for the right time.

What is the pivot?

Moving Image has added Sexual Harassment Prevention Training to its services. Marketing, presentations, etc. have been adjusted to spread the word. Admittedly there was resistance at first because it felt a bit like jumping on the latest bandwagon. I found myself in conversations with business leaders who are truly worried about what the current culture shift means for their business. I realized Moving Image Consulting could lead the way to help with a solution.

A new solution is necessary because the same old training videos on sexual harassment are not addressing underlying culture issues. They certainly don’t get at subconscious behavior to the level of a live training. Moving Image is in the position to help companies engage in conversations and make real change.

This topic has brought a new purpose and passion to our work.

The need for sexual harassment prevention is finally here to stay and is reaching all industries. The cost to companies is coming to light. Yahoo Finance reported, “According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), in the past seven years, US companies paid out more than $295 million in public penalties over sexual harassment claims. That doesn’t account for untold amounts more in cases settled privately.” This is only legal fees and does not take into account the cost to a company reputation and losses from hiring replacement employees and the devastation to employee morale.

Take inspiration from Moving Image Consulting and consider if your business or leadership style needs to pivot for greater success in 2018. Is there a change in the marketplace, industry, or culture which you could serve or provide a new solution? Would a pivot, new program, or presentation bring a renewed purpose and passion to your employees?

Take advantage of Moving Image’s pivot and bring sexual harassment prevention to your business.

Have you found yourself thinking about your past behavior and wondering? Is there someone you know who has a reputation for riding the line of appropriateness? Please share this blog with your company leaders and those you know who are looking for solutions to prevent sexual harassment in their workplace. The word must get out that there are source problem solutions and not only “check sexual harassment training off the list” easy way out solutions.

This shift is exciting for Moving Image Consulting in 2018. What pivot or shift did you make in your business which has you excited for the new year?

Alison Henderson, CEO of Moving Image Consulting is a subconscious behavior and nonverbal communication expert. Moving Image Consulting makes the subconscious conscious to increase business and leadership performance, communication and profits.