Be a Networking Ninja!

Want to be a Networking Ninja and raise your game?

Love Networking? Hate Networking?

Why don’t we like networking?

For most people I meet, networking seems to be a necessary evil. They know they need to meet people to grow their business, so they put on a smile and attend a conference, industry event or social hour. Truth be told, I’ve met many business leaders who struggle with ROI for their networking time. I’ve even heard from people who don’t network because they feel so strongly that it is a waste of time.

How about you? Which side of the “to network, or not to network” question do you fall on? If you feel like networking is a must for your business success, read on!

How to Be a Networking Ninja!

Step one is to BE PREPARED!

You must research the event and find some people who you want to meet. If you don’t, you may be attending an event that isn’t right for you.

Believe it or not, being prepared helps you make your best first impression on those in attendance? Why? Watch this:

Step two is to act like the host!

Be gracious and have an attitude where you look to make connections for others. This is much better than focusing on making connections just for yourself. Video #2 in the Networking Ninja Series will talk about this. Subscribe now to Moving Image’s Youtube channel to see it when it drops!

Step three is to FIX YOUR 30-SECONDS!

There are MANY opinions on how to make the most of your “what do you do” answer. My take involves making sure you say what you do, what makes you different, and next step. Miss any of these steps and you will miss out on someone wanting to know more. People fall into three buckets: some want information; some want the value proposition, and some want a how to or action step. Make sure you cover your bases. Video Three in the Ninja series will cover this.

Practice, practice, practice! Make sure you get to Carnegie Hall! Introductions must be practiced to make them great. Don’t be an introduction rambler who blabs too long and makes everyone watch the clock! Make it succinct. No one is upset at a complete, interesting, and SHORT introduction!

Finally- MIX IT UP!

Do not get into the habit of saying the same thing all the time because people who see you at multiple events will start to turn off and won’t be listening. How to change it up the fastest? Use notecards! The 4th Ninja Video will explain in detail how to write different things on different notecards and mix them up for endless variety in your introductions.

Do you want to up the networking game of your office or team? Contact Moving Image for a fun, practical workshop to turn your staff into Networking Ninjas! 630-234-1392;