Holiday Party and Networking 101

Be the life of the holiday party or networking event!

Time has flown and we are back into the holiday party and networking zone! Your business needs YOU to be the life of the party! Obviously I don’t want you to be the person everyone is talking about for months after because of your over the top behavior. I mean “listen with your eyes” at your next holiday party or networking mixer and you’ll save many from awkwardness!

During “mix and mingle” time before dinner, awards, or entertainment, observe behavior for the following:

Wall flowers: Those who are nervous, uncomfortable and feel out of place will hug the perimeter, shift nervously, look around a lot or stare at their appetizers. Befriend this person! Find out if they are new to the company or group; ask what department they work in; introduce them to other people.







Space Invaders: Notice the guy or gal who is making everyone else step back and give them room. These individuals usually don’t have a clue they are gesturing too largely or stand too close. Introduce one space invader to another and let them “duke it out!” Space invaders don’t usually mind when others do it back to them!




Two-step tip toe-rs: This person is the unfortunate pair of a space invader. When invaders have a single victim, you’ll see a dance take place when one person takes two steps back away from the invader who then takes two steps back in again! This dance will continue around the room until you swoop in to save the two-stepper by pulling them away and into another conversation.

Why should you be the one to “save the day?”

What goes around comes around! You will be remembered as a “great connector” and as someone who is friendly and easy to work with. Building your reputation in this way will reap unforeseen benefits. And if you happen to dread these holiday events and “mixers”,  looking for others who need help gives you a purpose and keeps you from feeling nervous or uncomfortable. The best way to make yourself more comfortable is by helping others!

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