Business Communication- a Two-way Street?

Bet you have heard the phrase “business communication is a two-way street.”

Does your two-way communication look like this?

Business consultants, sales trainers and executive coaches all stress the idea you must LISTEN and then TALK. Business communication is simplified to what you GIVE (you driving down the street—the talking) and what you RECEIVE (the other cars coming at you in the other lane—the listening).

In my experience, business communication looks more like this!

Is your communication a bit busier, like this?

There is a lot happening. You are receiving both verbal and nonverbal behavior simultaneously as you also give both verbal and nonverbal behavior. Instead of a simple highway, we are truly navigating a 4-lane highway with a median barrier because we are mis-communicating, and our message isn’t really getting through to the other side! Plus, there is beautiful scenery to distract both givers and receivers.

Most businesses are more complicated, and communication can quickly turn into:

Business communication is often like this!

Simplifying business communication craziness is exactly why Moving Image Consulting exists! We teach you how to turn your communication into something that looks more like this:

Electrify your communication into this!

You have the power to zoom through your communication with focus and efficiency. You simply need to understand how to read the nonverbal behavior that is coming at you in that other lane. The information is all there for the taking. Better yet, our brains are wired to take in this information and constantly process it. Glitches happen when our brains take in signals without knowing what the signals mean.

Our reptilian brain (the part that reads nonverbal behavior) is not very sophisticated.

We need to teach our brain how to interpret body language signals so our flight response kicks in less. If our brain perceives nonverbal signals as bad signs, our gut tells us things are going badly and makes us turn off the road to avoid a crash (i.e. end the conversation and retreat)! If our brain interprets body language signals as good signs, or gut says things are going well and we may start to speed ahead and still crash (i.e. make untrue assumptions and move too fast)! By understanding the nonverbal behavior we see, we can navigate the highway and use detours and reroutes to make our communication clear while obeying the speed limit. We do not need to stop driving or worse yet crash!

If this analogy sounds like you or your organization, set up a complimentary call to discuss your highway driving complications! Want to start better communication today? Begin with exuding more confidence! Take our free body language confidence course!