5 Tips for Body Language with a Covid-19 mask

Are you wearing a covid-19 mask when venturing outside of your house? Are we adjusting to seeing only eyes? It’s like everyone is Wilson from the TV show Home Improvement (outing my age everyone!)

Wilson and Tim Allen of Home Improvement. https://collider.com/galleries/home-improvement-behind-the-scenes-facts/

This new world means we need to be more mindful of our communication.

5 Tips for Body Language with a Covid-19 mask

  1. No hands in your pockets! We are nervous and don’t trust people who cover their face and have their hands hidden (after all, we look a bit like we are about to have hold up at the bank!)
  2. Speak up! The mask will muffle your sound.
  3. Annunciate! This means you need to hit your consonants. The mask will mush your words. Slow down the rate of speech and be as clear as you can.
  4. Gesture more. With your hands free, you will need to be more animated to get your meaning across. We read lips to help us understand language and that has been taken away. Use your body!
  5.  Smile! This is crucial to our communication. When you are talking to someone, smile even though they can’t see you. We need to see your eyes light up or people may wrongly assume you are angry or sad.

To see these tips demonstrated, watch this video.

Get the word out! I don’t see this topic being covered, so I’m doing it myself! Share, comment and add what you are doing to get through these times.

Moving Image is still here to help you. Virtual meetings are a specialty! Tips for all things virtual on our How To Switch to Virtual Calls During the Coronavirus blog. All of our body language is altered in this new world.

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