Virtual Meeting Body Language Tips

Virtual meeting body language tips will be a hot topic this week as those of us in the Midwest brace for a record-breaking arctic blast! Are your meetings becoming virtual meetings this week?

Here are some quick body language tips for your virtual meetings:

Back up from your screen (more than in this illustration) to show more than just your head
  • Back up from your screen. You will help your colleagues by giving them more nonverbal signals when they can see more of you. Brady Bunch heads aren’t the best!
Smile! It does more than you think!
  • Smile. Watch your facial expressions because every scowl, purse, frown and eye roll is amplified (especially if you haven’t heeded tip #1!) Don’t have an errant facial expression blow up out of proportion.
Look into the camera on your devices.
  • Keep eye contact with and talk to your camera instead of talking to the face on your screen. It makes you look like you are keeping eye contact with everyone at the meeting.
  • Not body language- but keep in mind:
  • If you have more than 4 people in the meeting, choose a moderator who can call on people to respond or set up what protocol you will use to raise your hand in the meeting. If it isn’t established at the meeting, your time could be mostly spent talking over one another or simply waiting for someone to speak up.  

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