#1 Body Language Tip You’ve Never Heard

The powerful body language tip no one has told you about!

Here it is: Move more like you dance!

Why? When dancing, your spine remains somewhat flexible and you connect your gestures (limb movements) to your spine.

This translates to your business communication. Keep your spine flexible for more influential and powerful body language. Influence in the workplace is closely connected to trust. People will not follow those they don’t trust. Keeping your spine flexible and connected to your gesturing makes you instantly more like-able and trustworthy. (Ellen DeGeneres begins all her shows with a dance and most of the world likes and trusts her!)

Watch this video to see what I mean.

Bottom line:

Get your groove on for powerful body language! Play some favorite tunes and dance around while preparing for a big meeting or presentation. It makes you happy and primes your spine to be flexible and more fluid during your communication. It works for Ellen. It’ll work for you!

Need a spinal check that isn’t from your chiropractor? Contact Moving Image Consulting for a Body Language First Impression Assessment of how you are perceived- stiff and less like-able or moving like a dancer?!