Holiday Survival- Body Language Style! H.U.G.!

Holiday survival is a real thing! Going to the in-laws? Hosting your “know it all” aunt or uncle? Just received an invitation to your bosses’ cocktail party? Tensions rise in anticipation of having a holiday “blow up.” Dread of holiday gatherings has the power to ruin something before it starts.

YOU have the power to change the dynamic. YOU are in control of your behavior and can be the model for others to follow to survive the family “stuff.”

Use the H.U.G. system which I developed to help my clients remember how to take control of their actions.

H- Horizontal movements. Gesture open and closed like dusting a table top. These gestures are perceived as less threatening. Gestures that move vertically up and down are seen as more judgmental. Before entering a party, stretch horizontally. You were probably stuck in a car, plane or train and need to open your body up. Narrowness of body creates a narrow-minded attitude not great for relatives, co-workers and holiday survival!

U-Uplifted movements. Lighten your gestures. This gives your mind the signal to “lighten up.” Stave off negative thoughts and negative comments before they start! Bonus: Buoyant gestures are perceived by others as favorable and up your “likeable” factor. Great for holiday survival! 

G- Ground yourself. What does this mean? Connect to your surroundings. Feel the floor through your shoes or the chair through your spine. Repeat positive statements in your head while pushing your toes into the soles of your shoes. “I am confident.” “I am intelligent.” “I am open to differing opinions.” The act of connecting to the space you are in can calm blood pressure and support you BEFORE you become triggered and say something you will regret.

Before you know it, you will have survived your holiday gatherings (and it is useful for meetings and general communication too!

Watch this: you’ll see what I mean.

H.U.G. Demo!

If you thought this was going to be about embracing others, yes, hugs are a great way to have physical contact and reconnect with someone. However, if you don’t wish to be hugged by the newly married into the family cousin, you don’t have to! Poke your hand out instead and go for the handshake until you have decided whether physical contact with this person is desired.

If you are still struggling with others, remove yourself from the situation. Take a minute to breath in the bathroom or you “left something in the car.” My good friend Kristin Lamar has a great video on this.

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