Fix the “Fake”

Did my last blog make you want to “Fix the Fake?”

In my blog explaining why faking until you make it doesn’t work, I explained how current marketing and branding trends and political correctness may have taken you away from your authentic communication language. This has made our natural body language miss match with no chance of success. We are leaving money on the table, wasting time communicating the same things multiple times, and leading our teams without clear direction. It is time to “fix the fake!”

Do not despair! There is a way to fix the miss match!

  1. Find what is YOU in the messaging you were given.
  • Ask yourself “What do I agree with in this message from corporate?” Use this point of connection as a place to begin your personal communication of the corporate message.
  • Reflect on what you are passionate about in the branding someone else composed. Why do you care about sharing this company? What is important to you?
  • Write out the script in your own words. You can capture the content without being a slave to someone else’s language.

2. Take YOUR message from #1 and practice speaking it OUT LOUD!

  • Verbalizing helps you find where it flows off your tongue as you and where it doesn’t. Sometimes what we write doesn’t speak as well.
  • Speaking out loud cements the words better in your brain.
  • You will become even more connected to the language when you verbalize it.

When your words are authentic to you, there is less chance you will look like you are “faking” it.

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By matching your verbal and nonverbal communication, you will stop leaving money on the table, wasting time communicating the same things multiple times, and leading your teams without clear direction!

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