Why “Fake It ‘Til You Make It” is False!

I used to agree with the “Fake it ‘til you Make It” sentiment. It seemed reasonable as a theater director, that one should be able to create their “salesman” character or their “networker” character or the “manager” character to be more successful on the job. Unfortunately, “Fake it ‘til you Make It” backfires more often than it works and here is why:

Most of us aren’t trained actors!

The only way creating characters to hide our true selves works is if we are so skilled at acting that we can improvise in character. The prepared script you create for your character to have that sales call is great until you have to field a question for which you weren’t prepared. If you are using “Fake it ‘til you Make It” due to lack of confidence or skill, those deficits are going to leak out and give away that you are trying to fake your way through.

Your body gives you away

Our brains are wired to constantly take in and evaluate the behavior we see. Each person has a movement signature and style to their movement which sets them apart. Their body language works well when they are speaking authentically. When you try to put words in your mouth as this fake character, your body language won’t match your words and your body gives you away. Your audience senses that something is “off” and they usually won’t buy, believe you or be persuaded.

You will attract the wrong people

Since we generally like those who are like us, your fake persona will be attracting people who you will find you don’t like to work with. It will be more difficult to retain these customers or employees because you probably will not work so well together. When your “real” self comes out, they will see it was a sham and won’t trust you.

Stop Faking It!

Need we say more? So if you feel like you need to be an imposter to get through the job interview, sales call or manager meeting, what can you do instead?

Make your brain feel more confident

The body brain connection is something to use to your advantage! When you need to feel more confident, put your body in a more confident position and you will feel more confident and able to face your fears, telephone, boss, etc. Check out Moving Image’s FREE Confidence course here.Make your brain feel more confident.

Find your authentic voice

Take some time to develop and practice your own language for the sales call, meeting or interview questions. When you use language that is authentic to YOU (and no one else), your body language will match your words and you will come across with more impact. This means you need to take the company messaging, branding, sales pitch, etc. and figure out how YOU say it. This is easier than creating a character to say the words someone else or some marketing firm created. “Fake it ‘til you Make It” is actually more difficult than being YOU!

Check with an expert

The only way to know for sure that your words and actions are in sync is to work with a body language expert. Moving Image Consulting will be happy to evaluate how you authentically communicate and the level of authenticity you are bringing to your business! End “Fake it ‘til you Make It” in your business. Send us a note or call us at 630-234-1392 today!