Alison Henderson is happiest when inspiring and showing others how to be more confident to improve all aspects of their lives.

Confidence comes from:

  1. Knowing how we naturally communicate.
  2. Understanding how to transform our communication for those around us.
  3. The ability to share our vision with anyone and make them truly see and hear.

Ms. Henderson is proud to be one of very few Certified Movement Pattern Analysts in the world. This unique specialty blended with other behavior studies has developed into the highly effective tool for the entrepreneur and business leader- The Confident and Visionary Leader Programs.

Alison continues to examine what motivates leaders and employees. She is studying gender differences and generational differences for how definitions of confident and visionary leaders are continually in flux.  As a sought-after speaker and workshop leader, Alison travels around the United States and Europe increasing efficiency of teams and clarifying communication.  Morale is boosted and company culture improves.

Shakespeare nailed it when he said, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Approaches to decision-making are neither good nor bad until a colleague reacts based on his own thought processes. Moving Image Consulting combines verbal and non-verbal communication for greatest impact on company messaging, effective presentations, increased sales, and workforce communication. It gives us an enlightened alternate perspective on our thought processes.

Ms. Henderson has advanced degrees from Roosevelt University and Columbia College Chicago. She is a convener of the Labanarium in London and is a member of the Warren Lamb Trust. You can find her often quoted in on-line journals and blogs or as a special guest on podcasts.

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Reducing The Drama in Business Relationships

Do you wish there was less drama in your office? Are you experiencing more tragic than comic relationships? Whether you are an entrepreneur or a manager, you communicate with colleagues and customers.
"Reducing the Drama in Business Relationships" gives you notes straight from the director’s chair for how to tame the divas, end the melodrama, and rewrite your office scripts. Use this guide to create award winning performances from all on your team!
•Discover your Action Motivations and how the preferences they reveal create the “characters” in your office.
•Learn to use the Decision-Making Preferences of yourself and your colleagues to hire the best people; create balanced teams; conduct efficient meetings; communicate confidently; and more.
•Recognize the interaction styles of your colleagues and understand how conflicts result.

You will not receive this practical information from any other source. The awareness and understanding of others from reading this book will transform your business relationships in as little as a day!

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Movement Pattern Analysis (MPA) was developed by Warren Lamb (1923-2014) while working closely with movement theorist, Rudolf Laban (1879-1958). Lamb realized he could use movement observation theory to identify recurring patterns of movement and their significance in the decision-making process. After years of furthering this initial research, Lamb successfully correlated observation methodology to a decision-making framework on a consistent basis. The research has been validated by studies at Harvard, Brown and the U.S. Naval War College. Moving Image analysts are all certified by and members of the Warren Lamb Trust Registry.

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