Use body movement patterns to help improve communication and team productivity


What if your sales team knew the exact moment to ask for a sale and had more confidence in their ability to close?


What if you were able to read the behavior of juries, opposing counsel and judges more accurately?


What if your team members knew nuances of how to better communicate with each other to improve interaction and efficiency?


How would you like to feel more comfortable, confident and effective speaking or presenting in front of a group?

Making the subconscious conscious

Our minds move usliterallyin completely subliminal ways.  The mind/body connection is undeniable. Fortunately there is a way to understand what body movement patterns communicate.

And even better, we can make use of that understanding to improve our communication and persuasion. Moving Image provides unique, practical insight into the meaning and impact of non-verbal communication–body movement, posture shifts and gestures. We bring awareness to those visual cues and what they reveal about the decision-making and action patterns of individuals—for positive or potentially negative impact.

Listen With Your Eyes Training

Move your people to the next level of performance

Our core offering: a not-your-typical interactive group workshop that uses experiential exercises to identify decision making types or to focus on potential harassment behavior.

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MovePrint Program

Become a stronger leader or entrepreneur

This highly individualized and intense program begins with an involved and enlightening assessment of your own decision-making and action processes.

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What is Movement Pattern Analysis?

This unique process goes well beyond body language into a discipline called Movement Pattern Analysis (MPA). MPA harnesses the power of movement study to reveal how individuals are motivated to make decisions and take action – alone and with others. The insights help increase one’s power of constructive observation, connection and persuasion with whomever you are dealing—all of which impacts sales closure rates. The process also facilitates the understanding of individual and team strengths and weaknesses, which can improve team interaction, functionality and efficiency.

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