Cut your sales cycle in half and double your close rate.


Accurately read behavior of juries, opposing counsel and judges to be more persuasive and win better judgments.


Inspire your team to greater independence, productivity and profits.


Be the confident and visionary speaker audiences want.

The Confident and Visionary Leader

The number one comment we hear is how much more confident clients feel when entering any situation. Learning the meaning behind the body language signals you send and receive is key to success in today’s business landscape. From one-on-one meetings to speaking for hundreds, leaders feel they have the skills to present their vision and inspire others. Every networking event, business presentation or employee review has the desired result. Business goals are no longer left to chance. They are strategic, fulfilled and beyond expectation.

Confident & Visionary Leader Programs

Move your people to the next level of performance

Interactive group workshops use experiential exercises to make every team member confident in their body language to bring in more business in half the time and lead their teams to more independence and profitability.

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Leadership Assessments

Become a stronger leader or entrepreneur

This individualized program uses an enlightening assessment of your own decision-making and action processes to bring out the confident visionary leader within. Learn how your are perceived by others and how to maximize the effectiveness of your nonverbal behavior.

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What is the secret?

The Confident Visionary Leader programs are based in a unique discipline called Movement Pattern Analysis (MPA). Less than 30 consultants worldwide are certified in this technique. Moving Image Consulting programs transform individuals by giving them insights to increase their power of observation, connection and persuasion to propel business.

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