"Listen With Your Eyes" Training

Move your people to the next level of performance

Our core offering: a not-your-typical interactive group workshop that uses experiential exercises to identify the three basic Decision Types: Researcher, Judge and Action Hero.

Participants learn to recognize the attributes for each type, which type they and their colleagues are, and how that impacts their interactions.  With that knowledge and insight, teams discuss strategies on how to work more productively and agreeably together.

Specific issues of the team are discussed prior to the workshop, so it can be tailored to address those issues.  The training focuses on working from individual strengths rather than on problems.

Group workshops accomplish:

  • Generate greater understanding, acceptance and bonding within the team.
  • Improve participants’ ability to “read” people in any situation–highly advantageous in sales.
  • Positively impact retention, performance, and profitability, thus making the company more attractive to potential new hires.
  • Instill confidence to observe and rectify potential sexual harassment body language before it is a problem.

MovePrint Program

Become a stronger leader or entrepreneur

This highly individualized and intense program begins with an involved and enlightening assessment of your own decision-making and action processes. It continues with a 6-month support program so that you solidify the skills to fully incorporate this into your daily interactions.

This unique program is designed to help you improve your own natural non-verbal communication and enhance your executive presence.  You’ll be able to “read” people better and to communicate and lead more effectively in any situation.

Individual sessions accomplish:

  • Observe and interact with your employees and clients much more successfully.
  • Strengthen relationships while improving negotiations and sales.
  • Engage more confidently with anyone you meet.

The Benefits

Our clients have reported significant improvements in the following areas:


“Alison helped me take my business interactions to another level. The MPA Profile brings such great awareness of decision-making. Now I know how I am wired and why things are happening whether I am with a client or struggling with a business situation. Life is much easier and my business flows much easier.”

Michelle Smith, Z&B Consulting.

Team Productivity

“If you have a sales team or an organization that is looking for a creative and innovative way to learn how to grow, this is the product that you need to experience.”

Joe Medrano, Cyberrank Media

Relationship Building

“I looked at a conversation I’d just had with a client after Alison was talking about how people move during a sales conversation. I was able to break it down and I understood why the conversation went the way it did.”

Heidi Thorne, Thorne Communications


“Alison has helped me become a better facilitator and leader because I can read a roomful of participants more effectively and quickly. Whether networking, leading a training, or one-on-one, I can connect with people easily for greater impact and success.”

Kay Coughlin, Facilitator on Fire

Some of our Clients